Thanks for bloggers and news sites who post about the “Macintosh iPad Stand“.
And everyone who commented, thank you very much.

The answer to the request, i’ll post processing guide.

First documentation, describing the dimensions of the cutout.

How To Make Macintosh iPad Stand (PDF 127kb)

The following images are after processing.


The basic process is make a hole for iPad, and to remove unnecessary parts.
Carefully polished with sandpaper the cut surface.

Two long tabs inside the front cover don’t remove.
These tabs are required to support the iPad.
Luckily, nice location of these tabs.

– Plastic Cutter
– Diagonal plier
– Sandpaper

If you need, please make these tasks.
(1) Widen the holes in the screen
(2) Implementation mechanism to press the Home button

So what’s next?

40 thoughts on “[English] How to make “Macintosh iPad Stand” Processing Guide

  1. We love your YouTube video of the Mac Classic for the iPad and replay it over and over for the music, also. What is this piece and who does it? You? Did you compose?

  2. Thanks, Jo Anne.
    These musics selected from AudioSwap (YouTube provided).

    Terry Waldo’s “The Summer Of ’23”
    Nick Manson’s “Anmitsu & You” (This song also deals with the iTunes Store.)

  3. Firstly, I am compelled to say what an utterly brilliant idea this is. Well done!

    Have you managed to give any thought yet to how one might create the mechanism to operate the Home button when the iPad is encased within the Mac Classic?

    Many thanks for this highly ingenious project.


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